POCATELLO - Party goers to a party at the corner of Colonial Lane and Horizon Drive in Pocatello found themselves being allegedly shot at by a man with a handgun just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

According to witness accounts, a Pocatello man by the name of David Plackett tried to walk into the home where the party was located.

The home owner, Jennifer Malm, met Plackett at the door and told him to leave. When Plackett refused Malm threw a beer at him and hit him with a baseball bat before pushing him off the front porch.

Malm claims Plackett tried to rape her in March of this year, but that she did not report the incident.

She reported yelling for her boyfriend during the altercation Sunday morning, but when a group of men tried to chase Plackett off, he turned while running down the street and allegedly fired three shots.

Pocatello Police Lt. Roger Schei said just two casings were found from what appears to have been a .380 caliber.

Witnesses state that Plackett turned the corner and was about to move out of sight, when a white or gray hatchback vehicle came around the corner and picked Plackett up before driving away. Witnesses could not identify the make or model of the vehicle, saying that it moved too quickly to get a good view.

No one was injured in the incident and police were still searching for Plackett Sunday.