Story from the Rexburg Standard Journal.

REXBURG — Rexburg police have obtained an arrest warrant for a woman accused of taking her two daughters, ages 8 and 10, and a step-daughter, age 14, out of the state illegally.

 A felony arrest warrant for Heather Anne John, 29, of Orem, Utah has been issued for second degree kidnapping and two counts of custodial interference.

 The children were taken by John, also known as Heather Anne Fisher, on Thursday, police say.

 Capt. Randy Lewis said the father has full custody of his daughters.

John was involved in a similar incident last December.

 Although no charges were ever filed, John took her two daughters (the younger two girls) to Utah after checking them out of Kennedy Elementary.

After efforts by law enforcement agencies in Utah and Idaho John was located with the two girls in Provo, Utah and the matter was safely resolved. Within two days the children were back with their father in Rexburg.

 Rexburg police say with that successful resolution no charges were filed at that time.