Once a year, Pocatello is treated to a wonderful opportunity to watch two Shakespeare plays presented by Montana Shakespeare in the Parks from the Montana State University in Bozeman. The Shakespeare programs began in 1973 with very few funds to take care of their needs. Now, as a private, f…

I felt him tugging on my arm, then turned and there was Hank. A dark cloud always followed him. I’d say from what he drank.

Marvel and Disney’s goal with the Ant-Man franchise has never been to mature the character and make him one of the pillars of their Avengers line-up. So far, the function of this hero has been as a space-holder or an interlude between the bigger moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Afte…

In 2017, Dustin Lynch had a career-making hit with “Small Town Boy,” a platinum-selling single that sat atop the country charts for a month. That song followed another chart-topping single, “Seein’ Red,” which was released in advance of his third album, “Current Mood.”

Five Idaho artists have been awarded 2019 fellowships in performing and media arts: Jonathan Armstrong (music), David Alan Earnest (music), Becky Kimsey (theater), Kyle Morck (digital media and video) and Denise Simone (theater). Fellowship winners will each receive $5,000. The awards, given…

Food poisoning peaks in the summer months when warmer temperatures cause foodborne germs to flourish. Follow these steps for a safe and enjoyable grilling season.

We want “good deals,” that is true

July 4th four years ago on a typical hot Idaho summer day, we went to Jensen’s Grove in Blackfoot to escape the heat. It was a perfect day for swimming and relaxing. Our boy said his pumpkin bucket had floated away from shore. I told him I would swim out to get it.

Summer summons up images of drive in movies, barbecues outside, and hot weather. The Westside Players opened their “Chiller Double Feature” with “Monica” and “Wildwood Park.” Even though there was a very small audience, the thrilling productions scared many in the audience.

When I was just a teenage boy, I’d say about sixteen. We rode into the Yellowstone, Old Faithful’s what I mean.