Those of us who have spent a lot of time hunting deer, pronghorn, elk and moose in the Rocky Mountain Northwest and Alaska know that we normally work pretty hard before we get a small window of opportunity to get a shot at an animal. Therefore, we need to quickly get as stable as possible an…

This year at the SHOT Show, I noticed a new company named Riton USA (pronounced right-on) and got interested in their products. Before long, I was testing out on their scopes and binoculars.

We have a shooting event every summer that I can only describe as Combat Trap Shooting. It’s a blast. You ought to try it sometime with a group of friends.

I began hunting at a time when many sportsmen hunted with lever-action rifles such as the .25-35 Winchester Center Fire, .32 Winchester Special, 32-40 Winchester Center Fire, .348 Winchester Center Fire, 35-55 Winchester Center Fire, .30-30 Winchester and the old 45-70 Springfield, in the Wi…

I have never been a serious handgun hunter, although I have always carried a handgun when I go hunting or just wandering around the backcountry.

When I was 14 years old, my cousin Jimmy offered to sell me a Remington 1911 .45 ACP that had been manufactured during World War II. He was afraid he would be in real trouble if his father found out that he had it, so he wanted to get rid of it. I offered him $7 and a knife and became the pr…

When I was about 8 years old, I received two Fanner 50s and a double holster set for Christmas. The Fanner 50 was a Mattel toy Colt single-action revolver with an enlarged hammer spur for practicing fast draw and playing the part of a dangerous gunfighter.

When I was 12 years old and my cousin Jimmy was 10 years old, we were visiting our grandparents in Blackfoot. My grandfather Andersen had built a screened-in porch with a closet that contained all his hunting and fishing equipment onto the back of his house.

You have probably seen the police officer, or former Navy SEAL, in the movies that can run and jump from building to building while shooting a bunch of bad guys. He can then do a somersault, fire and get three more bad guys while upside down, before landing on his feet and telling the scream…

From the time the M-16 Rifle was first adopted by the U.S. military and was offered to civilians in an AR-15 semi-auto version, it has been popular with the American public. Interestingly, the AR-15’s popularity rises and falls in almost predictable cycles, but becomes more popular during pe…

If you could only pick one rifle and cartridge to hunt everything you like to hunt in North America, what cartridge would you choose?

In 1983, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, retired USMC, was working on a pistol and caliber he felt would replace the .45 auto that had served the military and civilians alike for over 70 years.

This past September, when I spent time at the shooting range making sure that my rifles were sighted in, I saw a lot of parents instructing young children around 10 to 12 years of age in the basics of marksmanship. I may not be correct in all cases, but my impression was that most of these k…

I have a grandson who has a pretty good job in Williston, North Dakota. He is currently in training to become the manager of a store his company is opening in a town not too far from Williston and his parents.

I just returned after visiting my daughter and her family in Montgomery, Texas, for a few days. My son-in-law is an avid hunter and hunts deer and elk in Wyoming whenever he can sneak away from his family road and bridge building and repair business.

Even at a young age, I was trying to decide what the best caliber for a hunting rifle should be, though my first real hunting trip was several years in the future.

Generally, when I go to the shooting range, I like to pick a shooting station, where I unload the firearms I plan to sight in or just practice with and mind my own business until I’m done.

Traditionally, American gunners have not displayed a fondness for .26 caliber rifles, or 6.5mm caliber as it is called in Europe. Like wayward sons, the 6.5mm sits between .25 and .277 calibers, neglected and hardly noticed from a nation of .30 caliber enthusiasts. At least this was the case…

One of the things that can be confusing to hunters is the variety of bullets available and trying to decide which is best. Ammunition companies and businesses that sell reloading products like to give names to their bullets that grab the buyers’ attention.

Every time somebody comes up with a new, more powerful hypervelocity rifle cartridge, I have to get my hands on it and see what it is like to shoot.

I’ve been going to do an article on cleaning your shotguns for five months. But then I started shooting Eurasian doves right after the winter coyote hunting season, then I was shooting pigeons at my boss’s feedlot, and then we started decoying pigeons. So I figured it was past time to do my …

Deer and elk seasons are quickly approaching. I assume everyone has done some scouting and has an idea of where the game is and what trails they are using, the places and times they feed, where they bed down, and where they go for water.

How would you like to have a bunch of friends with aliases like Hank Crawford, Klamath Jack, Slick Steve, El Jefe, Jack Chisum, Dave Mather, Cactus Jack, The Kingfisher, Luke Short and Shotgun Sadie?

About a year ago, I wrote a column in which I stated that there should be no real argument about what gauge shotgun adults should choose as long as it was a 12-gauge.

I know that I’ve said it at least a million times lately, but the spring time is magical in Idaho. Especially after a long winter like we just endured — Snow Armageddon — which makes us that much more excited about it. But even without a bad winter, I think spring is still impossible to beat.

To date, the AR-15 rifle is possibly the American firearm owners’ favorite rifle of all time. Along with its popularity, an enormous accessory industry has developed around the AR-15, the AR-10 and other variants as the platform has been modified for many other calibers.

I’m sure that most people reading this article have a pistol to protect their family. Burglaries and home invasions are relatively common, but your main danger will be when you’re outside of your home. This begs the question, how should you carry your pistol?